• Delightful savour, rich aroma, and robust flavour- no wonder Sona Masuri rice is one of the most popular rice variety for daily consumption. This premium rice is Semi-Polished and is mostly cultivated in Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. It has been grown and harvested by cooperative society formed by organic farmers of Karnataka.
    This type of rice is extremely light in weight and has very less starch content.

    The Semi-polished Son Masoori rice retains the rich nutrients.
    One of the reasons why Sona Masoori rice is so popular is because it is easy to digest.
    It is best for weight loss and people use it for daily consumption due to its soft texture and distinct flavour.
    With a lower calorie content, yet delectable taste, consuming this type of rice, is a win-win situation.If you are feeling low, this variety of rice can make you feel energized the whole day with its high carbohydrate content.

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