Organic Jave Godhi Hittu/Emmer Wheat Flour

Organic Jave Godhi Hittu/Emmer Wheat Flour

  • Jave Godhi Hittu /Emmer Wheat flour from Organic Jave Godhi Organic Emmer Wheat, an extremely nutritious grain that has been sourced chemical and pesticide free from cooperative society formed by organic farmers of Karnataka.
    It’s an excellent source of protein, fiber and nutrients like magnesium, zinc and some B vitamins.
    - Zinc is essential for a healthy immune system and wound healing, as well as breaking down carbs during digestion.
    - Magnesium is needed for strong bones, optimum immunity, healthy nerve and muscle function and to keep your heartbeat regular. Also, it helps regulate blood glucose levels and is linked to improved insulin sensitivity.
    - Vitamin B3 (niacin), along with other B vitamins, helps break down and convert food into energy. It also helps keep your hair, skin and eyes healthy, along with other functions.

    Jave Godhi Hittu is an excellent source of fiber. A high-fiber diet is associated with a lower risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and higher levels of gut-friendly bacteria.

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