Herbal Cleaner Combo

Herbal Cleaner Combo

₹315.00 Regular Price
₹283.50Sale Price

This 100% natural disinfectant Kitchen cleaner combo contains, 

  • Herbal Floor Cleaner (500 ml)
  • Herbal Dishwashing Liquid  (500 ml)
  • Herbal Kitchen Cleaner Spray (500 ml)
  • We are bringing in a touch of natural goodness in this Combo Kitchen Cleaner pack with Herbal Floor Cleaners, Dishwash Liquid & Kitchen top cleaner spray specially curated for fellow Mysoreans.

    Combo pack contains :

    • Natural Floor Cleaner (500 ml) - MRP Rs 95
    • Natural Dishwashing Liquid  (500 ml) - MRP Rs 90
    • Herbal Kitchen Cleaner Spray - MRP Rs 130

    This combo pack worth Rs 315 is on sale at a special offer price* of Rs 260 only.

    Natural Floor Cleaner- Herbal Strategi’s 100% Disinfectant, Natural Floor Cleaner, and Insect Repellent is a revolutionary product which is free from harmful chemicals. This is a natural disinfectant. This Herbal Strategi product contains natural oils & plant extracts. This natural disinfectant is a versatile cleaning product. It not simply cleanses stains but also does kill germs & act as a repellent to the insects. The refreshing lemongrass aroma is a boon to this product.

    Natural dishwash:  This gel is manufactured exclusively of plant extracts & aromatic oils, which are a 100% herbal in nature. The dish wash gel is not only non-toxic and safe for your utensils, but it’s also gentle on your skin. Thanks to its plant-based and natural ingredients, it doesn’t cause any side effects. This acid-free dish wash doesn’t leave behind any residue after the wash, except for a sparkling shine

    Herbal kitchen cleaner spray: The eco-friendly herbal kitchen cleaner spray keeps any surface sparkling clean and prevents houseflies or fruit-flies. This natural kitchen spray is made of plant extracts and natural oils so that it is not toxic in nature. Being eco-friendly and safe, it’s the best substitute for chemical-based products that have perilous effects on you and your family.

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