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Consumption of Organic products reduces public health risks to consumers and farmers alike by minimizing their exposure to toxic and persistent chemicals on the farm, soil and in food. Also, Foods grown organically are richer in nutrients with less exposure to nitrates and pesticide residues when compared to conventionally grown food products.

Sittilingi valley Organic Farmer’s Association (SOFA) is a unique organic farming initiative based in the namesake Sittilingi Valley of the lush rainfed Kalvarayan Forest Hills near Salem, Tamil Nadu. Initiated in 2005 by “Tribal Health Initiative '' - a not for profit organization, SOFA boasts of a strong farmer community of native tribal population of Sittilingi, the Malavasi’s or the Hill People. SOFA initiatives are focused on reducing dependency on scarce resources like water, eliminating harmful and expensive chemical fertilizers that are more in-sync with the local ecology of the Sittilingi Community.

Encompassing more than 500 local tribal families, the SOFA initiative focuses on the production of varied organic food products like Millets, Spices, Pulses, Savouries, Vegetables and Fruits. SOFA also supports the fast-growing local women entrepreneurs who are involved in the production of other value added organic products like oils, soaps and also handspun textiles.

As part of its imperative objective of socio-economic welfare of the local tribal community, SOFA provides holistic training, financial aid, marketing support, and certifications through Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

Spread over 2000+ acres around the foothills of Kalvarayan forests, Sittilingi, these independent farms are a pleasant 2 hours drive from the city of Salem in Tamil Nadu and open for visits.

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