Krishikala promotes the many agri-products derived from traditional bottle gourds, including vases, bowls, kitchen and office containers, kitchen utensils, lampshades, lanterns, wall and hanging décor, children’s dolls, and seed jewelry. These products match form, function, and sustainability. They offer a great alternative to harmful plastic products. Bein

g sustainable & eco-friendly, these products last long years without any pressure on the environment or our health, unlike their plastic counterparts. Apart from the well being of the planet, patronizing these products goes a long way in the revival of native bottle gourd varieties and supporting the livelihoods of rural women.

Founded by Sree Seema or more fondly called Sore Seema (Gourd Seema) in January 2018 in Mysore, Krishikala is an initiative of Sahaja Samrudha for the conservation of biodiversity and traditional crop varieties and their many art forms. A first of its kind in the country, Krishikala focuses on conserving rare varieties of bottle gourd that are on the verge of extinction.

Krishikala facilitates and provides training to farmers, women, and rural artisans to produce artistic value additions in form of eco-goods, art, and craft items from crops that are neglected, undervalued or facing extinction.

The organization is driven towards building industry and consumer support for agri-based art products generating income for rural women and promoting of ecological and sustainable practices for the overall health of land and people. Drop a line at to book your visits


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