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Farmer’s House based out of Mysore is a boutique outlet that focuses on pampering the body and mind. It has 5 units – Two farms (Padma Farms) where fruits and vegetables are grown organically, a store where farm produce is sold, a bookstore (Silverfish Books with over 10,000 titles in the collection) for the top of the line bestsellers, a weekly market where organic farmers bring to sell freshly harvested vegetables and fruits and a café where organic snacks and coffee are available.

Farmer’s House is the only honey parlor in the city of Mysore. It has in its collection a wide range of honey collected from different parts of the country, from apiaries that co-habit organic and natural flower fields. Honey, in general, helps to strengthen immunity, boosts energy level, and helps in proper metabolism. However, different kinds of honey have additional benefits, specific to the properties provided by the nectar of different flowers. Farmer’s House honey comes from rearing the bees, Apis cerana and Apis mellifera, in natural fields and forests. The flavor of honey is determined by the dominant flower in the field where the bees are reared. No flavor is added to any honey. Only in ginger honey, garlic honey, and amla honey, the organically sourced ginger, garlic, and amla are added to natural honey.

Farmer’s House is run by the Sudarshan family from Mysore. Ms. Anvita (a filmmaker and author), Dr. Padma (an environmentalist and a Member of National Advisory Committee on National Honey Mission), and Dr. Sudarshan (Chief Advisor, Strategy and Sustainable development, KVIC-MSME, Govt. of India) run this endeavor with a passion for developing an environment for a quality life. Farmer's House encourages its customers to visit their farms, harvest the produce, and spend time in nature to build a more naturally attune wholesome community. To know more, please reach out to us at


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